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 Aubrey Ashburn is a third generation woman artist, whose abilities and passion were cultivated by her mother and grandmother through mono-printing, life drawing and painting.  Ashburn’s love affair with animals began on her family farm in Ohio at the budding age of three when her best friends were thirteen farm cats.  As one of wildlife’s protectors, with an inherent artistic ability, it’s no wonder these two passions eventually led to her work as a wildlife artist.


Ashburn is particularly moved by the humanistic connection that animals have with each other.  Many of her works depict a relationship between a mother and baby, two members of a herd or even an entire pack.  Her use of color and expressive brushwork accentuate the complexity and intensity of these connections.  Even her pieces of solitary animals convey a deeper sense of feeling, reflection, and energy. 


Ashburn’s contemporary wildlife depictions in oil give a purposeful voice to her subjects and are seen as bold and powerful, with rich complex texture and palette choices, filled with meaningful intention, striking at the heart.  They walk the traditional contemporary line, with forms rooted in realism, yet abstractions that push the boundaries of color, line and value.


In 2014 after a trip to Africa, Ashburn set out to raise awareness of the need to save the African Elephant and other threatened species.  She was inspired to begin facilitating healing as well as education through her work.  Since then she has dedicated a number of series of works to raising the awareness of endangered animals around the world.  Aubrey Ashburn proudly supports The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Conservation Society, Sierra Club, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the African Wildlife Foundation.  


In addition to her success as a visual artist, Ashburn is also an award-winning classically trained vocalist & songwriter credited on over 20 blockbuster video game soundtracks and scores.


Ashburn currently resides in Santa Ynez, California with her beloved dogs, Blue & Oliver, and her Arabian horse Bomani.

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