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Since learning about the growing elephant and rhino-poaching crisis and visiting Africa in 2014, I have been deeply inspired to express my love for animals through art.  I am a wildlife activist and conservationist, using art as a cathartic expression and a cornerstone talking point for the growing movement.  Through this passion I have found great joy in honoring them and other wildlife through vivid color and emotion.


I work from photographs, using them to hone my anatomical sketches.  Creating a unique composition with soft charcoal, I then rub the charcoal lines away and begin painting in the darkest of shadows, and work my way to white from there.  Painting wet on wet, I strive for realism in form but allow for abstraction within the shape, through a hyper-realized contrast and expression of color.


Painting for me, is wildlife preservation in action, when donating money to a cause often leaves me still feeling helpless.  Each time I study a new animal; my appreciation for it grows, and energetically the healing starts there.  I hope that my work highlights for the seer, the beauty and heart of these remarkable beings, bringing us all back to nature, where true healing is possible.




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